Security and IT

Managing TCO

 Organizations today are concern with managing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the cost of a solution over its lifetime. This is a driving factor for common standards reducing complexity and pushing towards common standards based way of delivering robust and reliable applications.

 Make sure what is out there

 Today organizations depend heavily on their Network. As a result, considerable planning and investment is made in ensuring that infrastructure is secure, reliable and well managed.  By moving as many applications to that infrastructure, an organization can leverage the investment cost across those applications. Security should be no exception.


 Applications should support standard server hardware, standard operating system and standard network infrastructure. Propriety applications, custom wiring, panels, or appliance increase complexity and make management more difficult, increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for organization.


 By selecting a management to solution that can be run in the organizations virtual environment, the need to buy any server hardware is eliminated. The result is increased reliability, simplified management, reduce power consumption and carbon footprint.


 Software solution that are IP and browser based allow an organisations to run the solution from any workstation on the network or any mobile device without the headache of installing, managing updates or worrying about which computers it should be installed on. Particularly for a security, being able to access the system immediately from anywhere can be very important.

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