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Many business owners are busy running activities related to their business operations and cannot be expected to know everything about securing their business. Yet, they are aware that their security procedures and practices are inadequate. That is when we get the call. Whether you need a physical protection system for your facility or are looking into upgrading/enhancing the existing one, our team of professionals are able walk you through the process.

Through the use of a security checklist, series of interviews with the end users, and site visit we understand the characteristics of your facility which includes the operations, the physical layout, and the environment. The physical layout and the way you operate at your business will help us to uncover vulnerabilities to any malevolent action. The environment will help us to uncover those environmental factors that may impact the performance of your system.

We then use the information we gathered through the security audit and assessment process to design a fully integrated system that includes the preventive, corrective, and detective measures. The procurement package or construction documents we provide to you include statement of work, system specifications, drawings, and equipment schedule; and, depending on the design stage, we will also be able to provide you with budgetary information, such as preliminary design, final design, and life cycle cost estimates.

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