Facility Security

The complexity of the business operation and the size of the business determine the depth of a security program. Contrary to the general perception, the size of a business is not just the physical layout of the offices enclosed within property boundaries. It also includes the number of employees, the clientele, and the volume of services and products handled each and every day.

A well designed Physical Protection System (PPS) must integrate people, procedures, and equipment in order to meet the organization’s security objectives. The PPS must also accommodate the safety, processes and operations of the organization and the facility. Rather than having the security equipment determine how your organization operates, it will be the specific operational and functional requirements of your facility that dictate how your security system must work. Our solution for the security of your business takes all these factors into account.

Depending on your security concerns and the outcome of the security audit and evaluation that we conduct at your site, our unique solution to your business security needs will include electronic security equipment for intrusion detection, access control, and CCTV systems, plus a series of recommendations that would enhance your security policies and procedures.

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