Smart Home Security

Today, people demand more from their security system. They want the ability to keep track of the typical day to day activities at home while they are either at or away from home. These activities could be perimeter security, garage or door access, the ability to see into their homes using cameras, and to check and control lighting, heating and air conditioning use, as well as household energy consumption, at any time from anywhere.

Our solution for your home security will be unique to your needs regardless of its level of sophistication or simplicity. Depending on the level of your desired protection, the system we design and build for you will:

  • Monitor your perimeter and alert you when intrusion occurs
  • Be capable of 24/7 monitoring and alerting for high/low temperature, carbon monoxide, smoke/fire, flood, medical, and panic alarm
  • Give you the ability to check and control lighting, plus your heating and air conditioning system
  • Eliminate the need for keys by incorporating smart locks into the system
  • Leverage the robust cellular communication network, making it unnecessary to keep paying for a dedicated landline phone for your security & automation system, and eliminating the risk that an intruder could cut the phone lines to gain access to your residence
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